Do you desire to be known as an entrepreneur?

 Do you have only 500ghc to start a business?

If your answers to the questions above are yes, this article is for you.

Most times , the money required  to start small business in Ghana is far much beyond what average Ghanaians entrepreneurs can afford .

Have you ever conceived a business ideas so bright that it was just a matter of getting it start and the money start rolling in  , only to see the idea die because no money to kick to start the business .

That is why 70 percent of Ghana entrepreneurs experience on regular basis . Sometimes , the little money that you have cant just be enough to start anything reasonable no matter how hard you tired .

Because of these , many people are finding difficult to figure out any business they can start with small amount of money and make reasonable profit .

This post will take burdens off you as I have taken time to come up list of small business with good ROI , below are some best small business in Ghana that any aspiring entrepreneur can start with 500 Ghana cedi or less and make substantial profit in no time .

1.       Making Liquid Soap

One of most important ingredients in any kitchen is liquid soap. It is needed to clean up dishes and other kitchen utensils. You do not need 500ghc to being this business and if you are diligent, you could make a fortune any time.

After manufacturing the soap you will need a graphic designer and a digital marketer to boost your new brand. flowerboytv.com will connect you to both of them at a manageable cost.

2. Second hand shoes

 We love quality shoes and bags but not everyone can afford the brand new new ones so this has led to a sharp increase in the second hand shoe market .Get a nice place that you can display your goods such as in front of shopping malls and at a place where people communte daily to work, or available online shops such as Jiji.com.gh and Tonaton.com.

Go to any fairly used products market , you may go to kantamanto for instance, Select fairly quality used shoes , look for designs that are very fashionable . Sometimes you make profit of 10 Ghana cedi for a single sell.

3.       Freelancing Writing

Many people feel this is farfetched because it requires some writing prowess. It really not that difficult. Yes, you need to know how to write, but human mind can learn anything as long as you determine to do so.

If you have skill in writing already then all that you need is laptop, notepad and internet connection. You should also consider signing up as freelancer on sharkshive.com . Sharks Hive will bring you a lot of clients and also aslo handle your payment negotiations leaving you with the peace of mind to focus on improving your skills in writing

In less than no time, you could be earning not just in cedis but in dollars, try it today, you probably wouldn’t spend up to 500ghc.

4. Office Supply

As we all can see that there is a lot of people who work in the office they find it difficult to go out to the market to buy some setting things like wrist watches ,  shirts , ties and perfume . Help them to do shopping and charge moderately  , don’t be greedy like other suppliers who buys fake things for 5 Ghana cedi and want to sell it 10 cedi in the name of office supply .

Some of them lie that they bought the things from oversea just to sell it unacceptable price if you are honest with your business and charge reasonably , you may have huge supply contract from some of the people you will meet at the offices .

500 Ghs will do good in this type of small scale business in Ghana and you are going to be glad at the bricks business you will be making .

If you are looking to scale your business ata cheaper cost you will need a graphic designer and a digital marketer to boost your new brand. flowerboytv.com will connect you to both of them at a manageable cost.

5.Barbering Salon

This is very lucratively business. Find a small shop and cubicle at any major school in Ghana. If equally good at populated areas but mostly shop are very expensive in town.

Go agreement with a barber, if you can’t do that of yourself and invest 500gh in getting tools and equipment for the shop. You should see money each day, assuming you charge 5ghs per cut you will be making 50ghs barbering 10 people.

After starting the babering salon you will need a graphic designer and a digital marketer to boost your new brand. flowerboytv.com will connect you to both of them at great cost.

These are some business you can you can start up with 500ghs or less in Ghana

Credit: sharkshive.com

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