Sarkodie had his rapperholic concert yesterday and some fans are not having it. One took tok facebook to share his thoughts

“UnSarkCessFul #Rapperholic18.

I didn’t attend the concert. I didn’t have the lorry fare.

And it’s not like the Tudor batteries used to power Sarkodie’s mic was in my pockets. Neither did I have the remote controls of the Air conditioners at the Acraa International Conference Center. . .

So I slept, only to wake up to reviews from some serious minds here online, about their misgivings.

And I trust their judgments.

Our finest minds worked on this production —

But maybe, just maybe, we needed foreigners to be able to produce AFRIMAs after all.


Make no mistake, it is frightening, the figures that one has to cough up in this economy, to host an even of this magnitude. . . But to whom much is given, you needn’t waste our time.

So what happened? I mean, this mess.

Or a case of low budgeting? How much went into it?

How much could have done a better job for the millions who watched on TV and online?

We had an opportunity to convince a worldwide audience via DSTV, on what we could do.

did we take it?

Sark is arguably, our highest profiled artist. He has that international appeal. Worked his ass off to be atop his throne.

Did we, especially, his team, seize the opportunity?

Have we sold him anymore than the clout he wields after tonight’s event?

What were the production challenges? Were they technical?

inadequate expertise?

Or was it a case of the fabled Ghanaian incompetence and indiscipline rearing it’s fine Head throughout the night?

Who made sure that tickets were sold beyond the capacity of the venue?

How come we have come to naught on any progress, with regards the FULLY functioning HOT AIR conditioners at the AICC venue?

If we have a serious media team in this village, or a responsible CSO themed on arts, these questions aforementioned, could be interrogated with facts and figures. . . We have a village to build into a nation Chale!

I am NOT impressed. I CANNOT BE IMPRESSED. . . But the buck stops with Sark himself.

If you can’t pull your own event off to sarkcessful end, so your teeming fans can be proud and be protected, what business do you have discussing the economy, that informs an entire population?



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