Huawei mobile addressed the “teacher kwadwo” situation and the fans aint having it

Read comments from some of the fans

“When you people were making him your ambassador, have you forgotten he was a comedian?? And definately those comments he made was out of joke nothing serious. I dey pity people who are using this Bomb Huawai phones. Fun foolers always wants to make a fool out of blacks. You people are not God, God is going to bless him with a bigger deal than your so call deals. Why don’t you strip Meng Wanzhou from her position, or is it cos the company is been owned

by her father???”


Did you ask for the reason for that tag before taking such a useless decision.

The only reason your brand is receiving good patronage is because of the exposure thus guy is giving you people.

You follow some stupid embittered ladies who seek to bring down people calling themselves #Pepperdemministries. What a foolish name. Aden aaaaa #Pepperdemministries to deceide for a whole company like you.

You people are just a disappointment and your brand will collapse in Ghana soon.

Only those stupid ladies will purchase your phone????

Oh the last time I checked they were all using IPhone. Mtcewww”


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