The case of NAM1 the sad truth.

NAM1 behind the scenes was doing very well.. MenzGold was operating 2 or 3 years ago without any problems & I didn’t even know there was a business called MenzGold. NAM1 was doing fine behind the scenes. Whatever he was doing was going on smoothly.

From No where, I don’t know his aspirations, objectives, vision & ADICE he got or took that, for him to Start publicizing himself.

I want to compare NAM1 to world drug lord & legend #Pablo Escobar not in terms of their Business but it seems NAM1 just made the same mistake Pablo Escobar did.

Pablo Escobar was doing very great behind scenes until he decided to run for Governorship.. Which was the beginning of his downfall.

NAM1 was doing very very well behind the scenes until he decided to seek public condolences. He wanted to been as a good citizen trying to change the world.

Promising to employ 1million youth from kasoa(bill gate self no employ 1million people)

Buying hotels and publicizing it.

Employing media men & publicizing it & giving them conditions of service beyond imagination

Sponsorsing of Ghana league another biggest mistake with a brand you created(zylofon cash – robbing Peter to pay Paul.. Robbing underground creative arts personnels) zylofon cash had a lot of.. …??????

Can boldly tell you some employees joined zylofon because of gungantua cash(myself I tried a lot)

The most annoying thing is the actress and actors signed to zylofon, till now I don’t know why dey signed them self.

Declaring full intentions of helping & reviving the showbiz industry.. Without declaring your source of income( My Ghanaians will start digging & question you)

Infact he wanted us to see him as the messiah of the industry.. Which was so so wrong.

Infact the man wanted to bring a change but his tactics and strategies were very questionable.

What the government can’t even do, he promised he can do. God dam’it this man vision was so great but to me his execution plan & strategies failed him.

I don’t want NAM1 to go down.. Upon everything he was business man.. He needed to make profit.

He could have been behind scenes and still execute his deadly promises and strategies but publicizing everything is his downfall gradually.

He is not down at the moment, my prayer he bounce back big & stronger.

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