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With Ghana on the list of blacklisted countries with Nigeria and Egypt by PayPal (for reasons best known to them), residents are unable to send and receive money, sell and buy products online using their platform. Most online merchants have made their mode of payments exclusively PayPal. So basically you see this really cool stuff online but you still can’t buy it with your credit cards…bummer right?

So upon much pondering, a solution has been found…hurray! Just follow the steps outlined below for your own verified PayPal account. But first let’s learn a little something for the benefit of our first timers.

PayPal is one of the most popular online mobile payment service in use today. It provides a platform where you can send money, pay and receive payments too. This works by linking your bank account, debit card/credit card details to the platform. So you can make payments using any of these or you set up a default payment. Which you can choose to change at a later date.

Isn’t it illegal if Ghana has been blacklisted? No please, it isn’t. It is absolutely okay to have a verified PayPal account in Ghana. Not sure? … Consider this, you could be foreigner living in Ghana presently. I can’t say for a fact this or that is the reason why countries have been blacklisted. But this does not mean that persons living in the country are illegal.

Click below to watch the steps.

create paypal account in ghana

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