A photo of a sculpture believed to be shatta wale has been circulating around for the past few days.

Shatta wale finally posted the image of Instagram with an amazing caption.

“Thank you DreamLine Aaron Jay ..

Years to come his name will Go down into history, As hero with a big mouth that saved the music industry of Ghana 🇬🇭 from the hands of Other music markets .

A hero who’s saw artiste being paid huge some of Money bcos he fought for that…

A hero who era end paying of payola cos he proved to ppl one can still push and promote a song without radio/Tv…

Years To come he will b rememberd as the only artiste who went down for Ten year and bounce back to take the number one spot…

Charles Nii Armah most sketch artiste in the history of ghana music …

He’s so influential that every artisan wants to try their hands on his image.

21 Gun salute to The living legendShatta waleeeee! paaa paaa paaa!!!🙌”

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