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We’re counting down the hours until Apple unveils its next-generation iPhone on later today in Cupertino, California. Apple faces some real challenges in making the upgrades we’re expecting to see — a handful of modest tweaks — sound like must-haves. Some of those potential changes include three rear-facing cameras, bilateral charging and a new A13 processor. But the most exciting rumors about forthcoming Apple phones don’t concern the iPhone 11. Instead, the really cool stuff — including the 5G iPhone, the folding iPhone, the iPhone with a laser-guided 3D time-of-flight camera and in-display fingerprint sensor — is slated for 2020 (or beyond). 

So, then, what exactly are we getting thisyear? 

According to a series of reports published over the past few months — which range from authoritative sources like Bloomberg and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, to Twitter leakers and rumormongers on the fringe — the iPhone 2019 will probably be a whole lot like the 2018 iPhone. Not exactly the same. But pretty similar.


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