Mr Eazi can give out as much as he can and yes, it is from this music thing. Unlike our Ghanaian artistes who don’t seek to make the best of the digital space, Mr Eazi has made tremendous strive with it.

Do the math. Using 2018 data, Apple pays between $12 and $15 per 1,000 streams, whereas Spotify pays around $7 per 1,000 streams, and YouTube pays around $1. Mr Eazi had 168million streams on Spotify, Over 70million streams on Apple music(that was in mid 2018, couldnt get the full data) and has about 176million views on YouTube. U calculate?

That’s over $2.2million cash for your boy. Just 2018! Not to talk of shows or anything else. Boy is a millionaire. Now tell your favorite artiste to get to work. Peace!

j derobie

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