Kwesi Arthur in 2018 can possibly be the most featured artist within the year, his verses or chorus on every song almost steals the song to become his.

The secret to producing a hit song may be the beat, or the chorus, or possibly even the timing of its release but sometimes the secret might be featuring Kwesi Arthur or any artist with good catchy lines or vibes

Examples of songs Kwesi Arthur almost stole

Kwesi Slay – Seven

Kofi Molé – Mensa

Kojo Cue & Lil Shaker – Up and Awake

Dj Mic Smith – Yenkor (he sang everything)

Twitch – Take your something

Jason El A – Things

Vision Dj – Otedola Remix

Manifest – Feels

Chris Waddle- King Kong

Quamina MP – WYD


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