“The Loom” or “Blessing Loom” is a money making venture that has been, digitally, travelling around the world for some time now. You get invited to join a simple, circular, money making system  thats is said to transform your living.

You are asked to Join Available groups for various cash outs

20gh for 160gh
50gh for 400gh
100gh for 800
200gh for 1600gh


you get added to a WhatsApp group depending on your selection. Example: Get 800gh with just 100gh or 400gh with just 50gh and after you’ve paid, you will have to add some of your friends or relative to join the system.

There are four levels in Loom and they are Purple, Blue, Orange And Red. Immediately, 8 people joined the program, the person in RED (center) will get his target amount and leave. Then, the loom will split into top half and bottom half as the circle begins again.

Basically, the amount of people you add to the loom, the quicker the movement for you to withdraw yours.


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