Dear Husbands,

Remember your wife from her Youth, when she was glowing and perfectly shaped just for you. She left her hom to build your home and raise you a family – RESPECT HER

She got pregnant & went through an unimaginable pains with joy and hope. Her will & strength helped her through the trimesters with tears and laughter – CHERISH HER

She got so uncomfortable while carrying your child, her body changes, she got so fat, Her face got swollen, her belly housed your baby for 9 months, countless sleepless nights and morning sickness, she had to quickly learn to adapt to these changes as she journeyed to Motherhood – SUPPORT HER

She went to the labour room for the first time ready to sacrifice everything, with tears and blood she suffered the excruciating pains that comes with contractions and labour just to give birth to a new life, she was ready to give her life, she was ready to take the knife if push comes to shove just to hold her baby! – WORSHIP HER

Her body will never be same, she has earn her stripes and marks! Her body has went through it all, her perky breasts are now ready to nourish the new life she gave you, she will do this forever. She is ready to go through this route again. She deserves all the respect and honor. – LOVE HER ♥️

STOP BODY SHAMING THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN! They gave their lives for yours.

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