Episode 2

Coco lounge was one of the best places to go for a night out. There was such a soothing ambience about the place, and it even had a slight Mexican touch.

A table for two had been reserved and a waitress led us to our spot.

Above us on the ceiling hung several dazzling lights, and beneath you could catch the wonderful view of the the Accra Airport City; the gorgeous cluster of recently constructed high rise buildings had completely transformed the Accra night sky. The maze of hotels and office complexes was  truly a sight to behold. But tonight the only sight worth beholding was seated right across from me, and was there because of me. She had a sweetness about her face; a penetrating  look when she looked in your eyes, it was almost like gazing into the moon; you could almost feel yourself there.

We had sandwiches and chips washed down with mohitos, and were treated to some good music playing in the background, whilst having a few laughs.

We might have stayed a bit longer but Ekua had left her her phone back in the office and needed to go pick it up, so after an hour or so we made our way back down to the street below which was beginning to fade away of traffic.

The office was just over 5 minutes away and soon we were there. She led me upstairs to one of the offices and we sat down in the comfortable couch. She was tired, I could tell from her eyes, they looked so weary yet so cute. 

I offered my shoulder and arms, she leaned in and I drew her close. 

So that’s how we came so close that night to a kiss, and lingering thoughts thereafter which would not go away.

I didn’t get to see Ekua too often, but on the few occasions we did meet we had lots of fun; we sometimes watched a movie together or would just hang out at a bar or something, teasing ourselves and having a few laughs. 

However, I had always thought Ekua was a bit of an enigma; I could never quite read her. Sometimes she would come across as ready to date, and just when I was ready to ask, would start suggesting kinds of girlfriends I could start considering. That’s the kind of person she was. For instance, during one of our long phone calls she started asking why I hadn’t got a girlfriend in Kumasi yet,what did she expect me to say? Knowing full well that I was looking to go out with her. Maybe she was testing my resolve or trying to find out if I had any dark secrets, or perhaps she just wasn’t interested…

And that was the problem, I just couldn’t tell, she seemed to blow hot and cold at the same time; she was quite the enigma.


I think our near kiss had gotten to her; for one, I knew she hadn’t wanted to jump into anything too quickly and so the thought of what almost happened might have spooked her. She later told me she would have been powerless to stop me if I had made the move that night. 

The thought of how vulnerable she could be around me at such an early stage probably got the better of her and a few weeks later I received this.

“I don’t think we should continue being as close as we are”

I was too shocked to be shattered at that instant, because it was a big surprise; I mean, we talked even more since that night, we texted even more, and I was really beginning to think things were moving on.

I asked only one question, …and that was if she has any particular reason…her texted response was…

“I don’t want to lead you on and then disappoint you. And I think I’m doing that with the way we are now, talking all the time and stuff”

Inside me everything came crashing. Didn’t she like me? I thought she did, so what was the matter? 

But I told her if that was what she wanted I understood and that it wasn’t a problem. But beneath I was shattered. 

I woke up two hours later…She had called me twelve times…and six times more after I had woken up. I didn’t answer those partly because I just couldn’t bring myself to talk to her and partly because I didn’t want to hear her explain further. The phone rang twice more after that and then I heard the chirping sound which signalled when I had received a WhatsApp message…

“I like you, I really like you.I don’t think I’m ready to be with you now, but I enjoy talking to you and I love the attention you give me and  how you care about me. It’s not that I’m not interested, I  just don’t want to get your  hopes up because I’m not too sure of myself right now.Please call me when when you see this I can’t sleep.”…

Credit : @yawstories

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