Episode 4

Frank didn’t have a girlfriend himself so one wouldn’t have expected that I took him seriously when he said such things. But his enviable status as a student on campus meant he was bound to have links with one or two pretty damsels at least, so I took him up on his offer. 

He said her name was Maame and that he had met her at a faculty dinner. He didn’t think he had the resources to handle her so as a good friend he wanted to pass her on to me; for a fifty cedi safaribet voucher her number would be all mine.

The rice was soon done. I had a bottle of shito on top of the microwave and a tin of sardine in the fridge. I got a bowl from the cupboard and we dug in.

He told me more about Maame. She was a final year undergraduate student of the Business School and he had only ever chatted her up once since getting her number. And that was over two months ago. So there and then I took his phone out of his hands and looked up her name on his whatsapp.

“Hello, this is Frank…”

She was online a few seconds after that and a few minutes later she typed a reply…


And then was back offline again.

Well, this was going to be more complicated than I thought. My hand dangled over the keypad for a while and then I typed back…

“Never saw you again after the dinner”

She was online again after that but ten minutes later there was still no reply, even though the two blue ticks clearly showed she had read it. 

Twenty minutes later, and there was still no response. I chucked his phone on to the bed and picked up the controller for my Xbox 360.

“Chale, this your move be fake”, I said to Frank as I focused on the TV screen. 

“But you still dey owe me money,  I made an effort at least” was his irritating response.

“If you get one cedi sef from me call me gyimii”, I retorted and focused back on the TV screen. Frank was already sprawled over on his back on the carpet eyes closed. He slept more than a log, the idiot. 

I played a few games against the CPU before my mind drifted back to Ekua. I checked my whatsapp messages but hadn’t received anything from her. By now I was feeling quite sleepy, the oily meal of rice and shito had made me drowsy. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes for a while. Then I heard Frank’s phone vibrating. The screen lit up with a pop up whatsapp message from…Maame.

“I’m sorry, I don’t really remember you”

“Mtcheew”, this boy was hopeless I thought to myself, and fell back onto the bed.

I lived in a housing unit which housed about 4 other apartments so I had four neighbours, or rather one large noisy family and three other neighbours. Two guys lived in rooms adjacent mine and then one Lady directly behind my room. 

For the eight months I had lived here I had only twice seen her face, and even those were just glimpses as she passed by my window to open her door.

My work schedule meant I was up and away before anyone else woke up and so late home after work that I often had to jump the wall to get in. My lateness home though could mostly  be explained by late night hangouts with some of the boys watching Premier league or Champions league football. 

A few minutes later I heard a soft banging on the burglar proof outside the window, 

“Hello, are you there”. It was a female voice.

I opened up the curtains and saw my neighbour. She had misplaced her keys and wanted to know if I had by any chance come across them outside. I told her no and she said not to worry since her sister had a spare and would soon come over. It was drizzling still and she huddled under the little shade which the edge of the roof provided. 

“Why don’t you come on in whilst you wait, it’s cold outside”, she smiled at me through the bars, “thank you” and made her way around towards the front of the house.

I hit Frank on the legs waking him up, 

“Chale chale, go sit the hall inside, the chick dey come”


I dragged him to his feet and led him quickly out through the door. The hall was an unused mess of a space. It was dusty with a cobwebs hanging all over. I ushered him to one corner and went out onto the porch to open the gate. 

She was more beautiful than I thought. Slim and curvy with natural hair and a warm captivating smile. I helped her with her umbrella and led her in and towards my room door. 

I asked her to make herself comfortable on the bed, whilst looking for the TV remote. She sat on the edge and crossed her legs. I put on a movie and sat down beside her, 

“My name is Yao, nice to meet you”

“Yayra, nice to meet you too”, she smiled back”…

Credit @yawstories

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