Episode 5

Thank you all for following this series. By popular request I am putting up episode 5 tonight, but please do not ask me for episode 6 yet because I have not yet written it

That said, thanks once again for your kind words and time, I hope to please you once again…


It was her smile which captivated me the most, but her other feminine features were equally enthralling as well.

It turned out she was a huge fan of the suits TV series and so was I. We struck an instant chord and happily chatted along as we watched episode after episode. We laughed over how funny it was that we were neighbours and didn’t even know one another’s names until today.

I brought out a can of coke and a pack of digestive biscuits which I specifically kept for these kind of occasions. She munched on happily and I could tell she was very much at home, as she had loosened up a bit and was now more relaxed, sitting closer to me at the head of the bed. At one point she leaned so close her hair brushed against my face.

She didn’t realise that though and went ahead to pull her legs a little further up the bed, her silky dress shifting up a bit revealing her thighs. From the corner of my eye I stole the quickest of looks so she wouldn’t realise, and then lay my head back on the pillow relaxing against the head of the bed. By this point she was sitting almost directly opposite from me with her back facing me.

“Your back must hurt, why don’t you relax a bit”, I said as I grabbed a pillow, placing it across my chest, at the same time beckoning her to lean back on me.

She hesitated a second, turned around and looked at me for a brief moment before thanking me and laying her head ever so gently on top of the  pillow across my chest. The loose strands poking out from her hair brushed my face as she tried to find a comfortable spot.

We lay in silence for a minute or two, both of us probably guessing what was going through the other’s mind. I broke the silence by gently patting the top of her hair and complimenting her on how neatly kept it looked. She smiled shyly as she turned her face a little to the left to say thank you. I lifted my hand over from my right hand side,placing it across her tummy and linking her hands in mine. I held my breath for a second waiting to see her reaction. There was none, she just lay there looking straight ahead at the TV. 

My heart beat rapidly as I contemplated my next move. We both lay in silence for the next five minutes or so watching TV, and then she asked to use the washroom. 

I sat up waiting for her to get back. Now This was getting interesting, I had never ever contemplated something like this, but there was something alluring about getting it on with your neighbour. 

The bathroom lock clicked open and she stepped out. As she prepared to lower herself onto the bed, she tripped and fell chest first towards where I sat. I held her by the waist with my hands moving towards her lower back for further support as I steadied her.

Her nose touched my lip as I tried to help her onto the bed and it was as if time froze; my nose went numb as I paused to savour the moment. It was at that point that I made my move, slowing tilting my head up towards hers, then I heard a vibrating sound from her bag, at the same time my phone which was lying on the bed just beside us illuminated with a picture…both our heads went towards it..

“Ekua Calling”… 

Credit @yawstories

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