Episode 6

Like all good things, this story must one day come to an end. I thank you all for your faithful following and I hope episode 6 continues to please you. 

That said, this is not the end of the story so sit back and enjoy!!!

I stretched my hand out and flipped the phone over and tried to mute it at the same time. The ringing stopped and I turned back to look at Yayra. She looked flustered as she straightened herself and patted her hair in place. I could tell she was looking at my phone which I had so quickly silenced. she reached into her bag and pulled her own phone out.

“It’s my sister, I need to go”, she said as she straightened out her dress, revealing a little part of her thighs again. This time I didn’t pretend, I looked hard and long, and made sure she realised it. She gave me a cheeky tap on the shoulder and tried to pull me up, “let’s go”.

I held her hands and propped myself up, “Can I get your number”? I asked. She smiled and handed her phone over to me and I dialled my number as I led her through the door and out. I gave her a wave as she walked away, “thanks for the company”. 

“Thank you for having me”, she smiled back as she disappeared around the bend.

I stepped back in and was immediately ambushed by Frank, at the door, “chaleeeee, the chick dey be oooo, e happen?…you clear”?

“You fool oo, ibi so them dey clear things”, I pushed him off and strolled to my door. “But chale, she fine muom oo”, I acknowledged back at him as we went in.

I picked my phone up…two missed calls from Ekua, I quickly made to swipe the dialler to call back, but just then a WhatsApp message popped up on the screen from…

‘Yayra Neighbour’

“Hello dear I’m in my room now.  Thanks for everything…My sister is soo pissed she had to come all the way here to bring me the spare key…lol”

“Haha? Where does she live”?,I responded.

“She’s a student on campus, so comes around sometimes, but she is about to leave”

“can I ask you a question please?”,she added quickly.

“Of course my dear, Sup”, I typed back.

“Who is Ekua”?…

“A colleague at work”, I typed back

“Hmmm, so why didn’t you pick it up?”

“I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I thought we were going to kiss” 

I paused and held my breath for a moment, awaiting her reply. 

“Hmmm”…she replied, “I don’t believe you, I’m sure she is your girlfriend, go and kiss her”

“Lol”,I replied, more in an attempt to buy time than in amusement.

“Am I lying?, isn’t she your girlfriend”?

My predictable response was No, and then the conversation petered of as she went offline.

Ekua wasn’t my girlfriend…Yet. I wanted her to be, but she had made everything so complicated for me now. 

I mean, she had explained herself and I could tell she didn’t really mean what she had said, but who was to say it wouldn’t happen again? If she really was so unsure of herself, then I had my work cut out. There was nothing I wanted more than to be with her, I missed her, and there was something about her which made me always yearn for her. 

I picked my phone and dialled Ekua, but after two attempts she didn’t pick up so I went back on WhatsApp,but Yayra was still offline.

I sent Ekua a message,

“Babes, sorry I missed your call, how’re you doing”?

She wasn’t online and I didn’t get a response. 

Frank kicked my feet which were dangling off the end of the bed, 

“Chale, I dey lef, go throw me”

I dragged on a pair of slippers and pulled a sachet of water from the fridge.

“Chale, sort me some two Ghana for troski”. That was Frank asking for money to pick a trotro back to campus.

I searched my brain for some vile insult to use on him but stopped short and gave him a one cedi coin from my pocket instead, 

“Make you manage this one like that, money no dey”

I walked him to the junction about three hundred metres away and then made my way back home. The clouds looked threatening and the sky had already begun to darken; we were in for a storm tonight.

I made it to my door just before the heavens opened up again, this time in a torrential downpour, not the mild drops from earlier on in the day .

I put on the TV once again and lay back on the bed to enjoy. Then turned the volume up as loud as I could to prevent the rain and thunder from drowning out the audio. 

My phone beeped and I turned it over. It was Yayra. 

“Hello, can you please give me your WI-FI password, I need to update some stuff”.

It was a good thing my office provided me with free WI-FI every month so this wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Of course my dear”, I replied. Her response was quick and brief, 

“thanks hun”

I went back to watching TV but after about 30 minutes the lights went out.

Almost immediately my WhatsApp chirped up, 

“Sweedy, I’m lonely and scared, are you alone? Can I come over”?

It was Yayra…

“Yes of course” I typed back,and jumped off the bed even quicker, grabbing a towel and scurrying out to meet her at the door. 

She tiptoed quickly to the front of the house and I met her out on the porch and wrapped the towel around her to keep her warm, and then led her through the dark inside.

As soon as I closed my door, I lifted the towel off her shoulders and and wiped above her brows. 

“Welcome back”, I looked her straight in the eyes and she didn’t blink. I didn’t wait for a second invitation. I drew her closer and leaned in. Even in the dark, I could see she had shut her eyes, and I reached out and held her waist firmly against my crotch. 

I could feel her shudder slightly as she felt herself coming closer towards me.Her hair was in my face now and our lips finally touched. I caressed her lower lip gently before moving to the upper lip, which I sucked in quick succession. At this point, she put her arms around my neck and held me tight. Her lips were soft and smooth, and I kept up the gentle caressing touches as I spun her unto the bed.

She was wearing the same dress she had worn earlier in the day and I could feel her skin through the silky fabric. I brushed my hands across the front of her chest but she held my hands and moved them away. I tried again, and again she gently moved my hands away but this time she allowed me a gentle squeeze first. Then I moved to the back of her dress and slowly unzipped it. She was holding unto my shoulders now and squeezed them hard. I caressed her back gently and moved to the hook of her bra and unbuckled it. Then she let out a sigh and allowed herself to fall back completely on the bed… 

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