Episode 7

I try not to keep you in suspense for too long, and so here is the next installment of your favourite story…

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I slid her bra away from beneath her and tossed it to the floor. By now Yayra was squirming beneath me and holding unto me even tighter. I went to her neck with my tongue and tickled the space between her ear and jaw and made my way gently down towards her breasts. Her nipples stood firm as I sucked gently on the tips before moving on to the cups. My hands were playing around her ankles and I gently slid them up till I got to the frill of her dress and slid my hands beneath. Then she heaved heavily, “No, stop!” and pulled my hand away.

I eased up and tried to caress her breasts with my finger tips, but then she sat up and pushed me off,

“Yao, please stop”, wrapping her arms across her chest to hide her breasts. She was looking around for her bra and moved to the edge of the bed feeling around on the floor with her feet. She found it and picked it up, and turned back to face me, “I’m sorry, but I can’t”.

“What’s wrong”, I whispered as I tried to get her back into the mood by feeling on her back with the tip of my lips. She shrugged me off, “please stop, you’re turning me on”.

“But that’s the point”, I thought to myself, and slid my hand again up her dress, and this time she stood up and walked to the window, “I  want to leave please”. I sighed and gave up as I rose to my feet, my bulging front going limp in disappointment. I walked towards her and put an arm around her shoulder, “What’s wrong dear”? I asked. She shook her head in response and just sighed, “hmmm”.

“What’s wrong”? I asked again, and this time she opened her mouth, “nothing, I’m tired, I want to go and sleep”. I tried further to convince her to stay because it was still raining,but she said no, and five minutes later she was gone. 

I picked my phone up and dialled Frank, 

 “My guy, chale e lef small like I dey eat oo”. 

Frank’s voice buzzed with excitement on the other end of the line, “Yawa oo, what happen?”

“Mtcheew, I no kno sef, she just change ein mind…moffing den things all pae finish. I Mia den things all.

“Oh chaaale…yawa oo…which way for um”? Frank sounded genuinely devastated for me. 

“Chale, you I go bell you later, I dey go bed”, I hang up and sprawled myself on the bed. 

My phone chirped, 

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t…hope you’re not mad”?  Yayra had messaged me.

“Hmmm…it’s alright, but you never told me, what’s the problem”? I typed back. 

There was a pause as she was typing out…


“I have a boyfriend. That’s why I couldn’t do it. I hope you understand “?

We chatted a bit longer, after which I found out that she and her boyfriend had fought and that they hadn’t been talking much for the past week. She was confused and vulnerable, and that’s how she had ended up in my room tonight. 

Perhaps if I had forced the issue a bit I would have beded her and wouldn’t be lying here alone with a sore scrotum. I heaved a sight of frustration and collapsed back in bed…this was going to be a long night…

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