Episode 8

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Episode 8 is written mostly by Ekua, yes! the real Ekua…or at least the inspiration behind the character…

She doesn’t wish to be publicly acknowledged but do tell her what you think about her writing…she is reading this…




“Why isnt he answering my call”?, I asked myself, hoping he had gotten over what had happened last night.

I was trying hard to fix things with Efo (as I liked to call him). Last night had been one of the worst nights ever, and I didn’t want him to remember it had ever happened. 

We had known each other for 3 months, and even though I knew that he had feelings for me and wanted more than friendship, I wasn’t ready to commit just yet. I felt I barely knew him (despite the fact that we spoke at least 3 times a day and messaged each other in between). 

I lay face down with my head buried in my pillow, with my Samsung touch screen phone balancing on the back of my palm. I kicked the mattress in frustration before dialling his number once more with no success.

I lay back reminiscing about that night… I remember lying in his arms with my head on his chest. His arms were so warm and I felt so comfortable and safe. I could feel his heart beating a bit faster than usual, and I stiffened a bit as he tightened his hand around my waist. His breath felt warm on my neck and it seemed his lips kept moving closer to mine with each movement of his arms. Had the lights been on, he would have realised that my eyes were shut tight. I squeezed gently on his hand in reciprocation as he reached out to hold me, and I hoped to God he wouldn’t try to kiss me; I wasn’t ready for this… Not after what had happened with Kay, it was too early.

Yao was a sweet, care free guy, always beaming with smiles… (Even when he was upset). He had showered me with so much attention since we met, calling me in the mornings just to hear my voice, waiting till late to make sure I got home safe from my work on campus, texting me during working hours to find out how my day went. Our endless chats during working hours made it obvious that I had someone new in my life… And trust my work colleagues to make a fuss, so much so that I ended up almost ending the wonderful friendship we shared. I can’t believe I paid attention to them…. ”

I turned to my phone and went through the conversation we had last night. I read his response to the statement I made…

“Good nite…I saw ur missed calls but I don’t know if I should call back cos I really don’t know wat to say. But I’m not really surprised tho, cos u have been dropping hints here and there and I cud tell u were not really interested. But I’m alright, don’t be sad”

But I was interested…I think. “You really are an idiot Ekua, make a decision for once in your life!” I told myself. I picked up my phone again and dialled him, I had to make sure he really understood me, I had to let him know I liked him.

“Hello…Hello…”, he had answered,at last, I heaved a sigh of relief, but he wasn’t responding. “Hello…Hello…”, I continued, but he didn’t seem to be on the line, then I heard some sounds in the background, like a television set, then I heard a female voice,… “It’s my sister, I need to go”…

I interjected again, “Hello…Hello…” He still couldn’t hear me. He must not have known he had answered the call, then I heard Yao’s voice,  ” Can I get your number”? followed by the female voice again which was barely audible now…and then some friendly laughter before their voices tailed off.

Several questions went racing through my mind, “Who was she”? “Why did she have to leave because of her sister “? And the television sounds definitely meant they were in a room somewhere, “was it Yao’s room”? “What was she doing there”?…

Credits @yawstories

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