Episode 9

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“ I told you he wasn’t right for you, see he’s cheating even when you’re not dating”?

“Nii, He isn’t cheating,” I retorted, “I don’t know who she is or where they were, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions”   

“Brɔda hwɛ wo ho so yie oo, yɛ kasaa wontie!” 

I rolled my eyes in frustration. 

“So, are you going to ask him about it”?He asked. “Of course not”!,I shouted back.

I had no plans of mentioning any of this to Yao, knowing him, he would probably explain everything once we spoke.

“Brɔda, why won’t you ask him?” 

I sighed, tired of the back and forth with Nii Okai. 

Most people thought we were dating when they saw us together. They however failed to notice how quickly he pulled away from me whenever I tried to hold him in public, or the fact that he called me “Brɔda”, just to show that what he felt for me was ‘brotherly love’. I had met Nii almost a decade ago on Facebook, and despite our frequent arguments and ‘break ups’, he was a friend I could go to whenever I needed someone to talk to, and I needed to talk to someone badly, just to get my mind of what I had heard. Yao had tried calling back, but I was still on the phone with Nii releasing my frustrations. 

“Broda”!,he screamed, bringing me back down to earth. “Ooohhh! What is it”? I responded. 

“Ei!, is it because of the Ɛwe that you are shouting at me”? 

“Mtcheeew”,I retorted.

Nii’s strong dislike for Yao amused me. He liked to joke about the fact that Yao had too much of an Ɛwe sounding name, despite the fact that he was half Ɛwe himself.

“Nii, it’s possible that he was at work and attending to a customer”; he had mentioned that he might have to go into the office. “I’m sure that’s what it is, and I’m pretty sure he would let me know when we talk, so stop worrying”! 

His continuous ranting was beginning to get irritating, “Yoo mate”, he replied.

My eyes were heavy, so I ended the conversation with him quickly, just so I wouldn’t fall asleep on the phone like I usually did. 

I snuggled under the duvet, and checked my phone one last time, and saw I had a message…

“Babes, sorry I missed your call, how’re you doing”? But I was so tired, so I tucked the phone beneath my pillow and lay my head down…

“Ekua!!!”…at first the shrill voice shouting sounded far away, then I could hear it louder and louder until it was right in my room, “Aren’t you going to work today”? My mom screamed.”I don’t want to go”! I squealed back. I checked , it was a quarter to 6…I sighed…I had no choice but to get out and get ready for work…

My phone beeped, I knew who it was, but was in no mood to speak to him. It had been a week since he accidentally answered the phone without knowing he had. And my suspicions had been heightened when he told me he had been indoors all day and was sleeping when he missed my call!

He was going to be in Accra this weekend and we had planned a night out at a beach. 

“I should ‘brown’ him and let him sit there by himself” I thought to myself, as I threw the phone on the bed and started to get ready for work.

The trip to work was a quick one; schools were on vacation, which meant less traffic.

I dropped my bag as soon as I got to work. My boss expected a collation of news headlines by 7:30 each morning. Being the worst PA a boss could ask for, I always arrived at work at exactly 7:30, and then had to rush to get my tasks done . I scrolled through the numerous stories that had made the headlines over the last 24 hours. The office was quiet and serene, just like I liked it. It would only be a couple of minutes before the early birds came buzzing in.

A phone call interrupted my moment of serenity, it was Styles. A smile edged onto my face. He was one of my boss’s friends, one of the few who had attempted to befriend me, and the only one who hadn’t tried to get in my pants… At least not yet. We both knew we had some sort of chemistry, but being the respectable man he was, he kept his distance, and didn’t try anything with me, not even on our adventurous trip to Aburi on his Panigale 1199.

“Hey”, I said, trying to sound as relaxed as I possibly could, even though I was excited to hear from him. “Hey, what’s good, are you at work”? He asked. “Yeah, back to this crazy office,” I replied “Are you here”?

“Yes, I’m right in front”,he said. 

I turned red! I hadn’t seen him since our trip to Aburi three months back, and had missed him so much! 

“I’m coming!!” I screamed!

Leaving my boss’s headlines half done, I rushed outside to see him, he was seated on the bonnet of his Mercedes c320. 

I threw myself into his arms, he lifted me off the ground, swirling me around like a little girl. He placed me down gently, arms still around my waist, the smell of his cologne enveloped me, “I love your perfume”, I said. Suddenly he lifted my head and looked into my eyes, “I’ve missed you,”, and before I could spell “EFO”, he drew me closer and planted a kiss on my lips…

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