As we all know shatta wale is a controversial dancehall artist who also speaks what he feels especially his thoughts on the music industry. He recently made a statement and it quotes,

What Am Saying Only Fear Will Understand…
Go back to the History Book and check If Micheal Jackson has ever billed another top artist on his own Concert?
Check it well if Bob Marley has ever billed another top star on any of his concert?
In fact, check it well if Lucky Dube or Vybz Kartel has ever put another top star on their Own Concert Before?

Then answer is always a Big “NO!”

Because they believed it’s their own Concert, so their Fans are strictly coming for them!!
Because they believed their Brand would influence Millions of Music Lovers to attend their Concert!
Because they believed in the power of their Brand!
Because they have a strong trust for their Fans!
So they don’t need to Ride on the Fame of other artist’s Brand before they can have a successful Concert!

That’s exactly Shatta Wale’s Belief!
If you truly believe in your Brand and your fan base,
Host your own show (Local or International)
Put no other artist on the Bill,
singly headline it and Kill it for the entire world to see how powerful your brand is!

I keep saying this and I will never stop saying it!
If you’re an artist and you can’t solely headline your own show,
Then there’s definitely something wrong with your Brand.
Then your Fan Base is really Weak!
You can disagree or agree with me”,.

Share your thoughts on this issue.

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