We’re in the final push to Christmas and the end of 2018 so there’s no better time to look back on the year and the music that has meant the most to you.

Spotify has unveiled its annual Spotify Wrapped feature for 2018 which shows you all the songs and albums you have been streaming this year. 

Did you spend all year listening to Drake? Or does your Spotify wrapped reveal you enjoyed A Star is Born maybe a little too much?

well Ghanaian dancehall artist shatta wale posted his review and got fans speculating all over

How to find Spotify Wrapped 2018

  1. Head to spotifywrapped.com.
  2. Connect up your Spotify account.
  3. Then the website will take you through your 2018 listening history, from your top artists and songs to how many minutes you spent listening to music this year. 
  4. Spotify then compiles all this data into a Top 100 playlist for you so you can relive those musical memories.

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