Recently Ghana has been experiencing certain difficulties pertaining to the educational system established this year. Its said that high school students have to run shifts due to too many students and lack of facilities as a result of free education with low planning.

Popular Kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah known as lilwin took it upon himself to build a school and help support the youth in his community to attend since the financial state there is barely balanced.

Recently in an interview with andy dosty he stated that he charges only 50 to 100 Ghana cedis for school fees so the parents wont have trouble enrolling their children. He also stated that he did not build the school so he would make more money but instead to help the youth in his vicinity as a support to the country crisis. 

In the video below, he states that there are people who pay for his show and movie concerts so he’s returning the favor back.

50gh for fees

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