You pay 2/3 of the amount charged & assured the artiste & management when he shows up.. The remaining amount will be paid. You failed in the first place when he arrived at the airport, everything should be sorted out even before he is taken to the event grounds.

Have worked with Lynx entertainment for couple of years… 70% is paid even before you can use his pictures on the flyer. Immediately they show up for you to do the pick up to the hotel.. Everything is settled.

Team Lynx are one of the most respected brand that really respect media personality no matter where u work.

Kuami Eugene does not sign contracts & mostly does not even know how much management charges for event. He works on the orders from management.

So if you breach your side of the contract and you didn’t enjoy his performance why come on social & write that long thesis that, he is disrespectful to #Kumasi media. You again generalizing that he disrespect Kumasi media because of a problem you caused.

One of the reasons will continue working with Lynx entertainment.. No matter how small you are.. If you made an impact to their success, they never forget you.

Team Lynx.. We are winning artiste of the year 2018. You will see on stage together taking the award 2019 VGMA.

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