Lemme tell you a little story I also read somewhere. 👇👇👇👇👇

“The most Popular Household name in GHANA “SHATTA WALE”

On the social Media and Every Entertainment sector.

Every new day, Is either Lovers Praising him or Haters Hating him, and this runs for 24hrs every single Day!!

So tell me, How would this Kind of a Person’s Brand get Fade out easily??

This Guy gonna rule for decades, his strategy and the kind of Brand he got for himself is extraordinary and the strongest among the rest.

He got the magnetic kind of Brand that attracts the magnitude to his field,

Whether you Love him or not, You still have to talk about him by force! You got no Choice…

Every 24hrs, his name Circulates on Radios, TV stations and on the Social media platforms even more than the president (Excuse my Words)

No wonder “Ghana social media researchers” ranked him No.1 as the social media Most Influential Ghanaian of the year 2017.

Many Artists and Celebrities pay for this kind of Attention, but here Shatta Wale is getting it free of Charge because of his attractive Brand From Both Fans And Criticizers.

When there’s an issue about him and you don’t share your Opinion on it, you feel “Left out”

And that’s the Magical part of Shatta Wale’s World.

Fiifi Banson of Kasapa FM, by then Peace FM once asked himself on air that:

“He wonder how Ghana Music Industry currently would be like Without Shatta Wale? ”

And I keep asking myself the same Question every day…

Whenever I go on my knees and pray, I always remember Him and asks God to protect him for Us, at least For Ghana music industry sake!

He is the only One that keeps this industry Going now.

We’re Lucky and Blessed to Have him in our Midst..


✌ Charles Nii Armah Mensah you are the real deal… They know!

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